Protect your eyes with Glare Guards Polarized Car Visor

Yellow Glare Guard (Best at Night)

Night Glare

• Eliminate Glare from sun
• Eliminate Glare from oncoming Cars
• Brightens up night driving
• Easily Attaches to overhead visor
• Very Sturdy
• Easy on the eyes
• Velcro Holds visor perfectly into place

Grey Glare Guard (Best during Day)

Eliminate Sunglare

• Eliminates up to 95% of harmful radiation
• Best use during the Day
• Works in all weather conditions
• Polarized (One of only a few on the market)
• Very Sturdy
• Keeps your eyes relaxed
• Reduces squinting

AutoFresh Odor Eliminator

All Natural Odor Eliminator

• All Natural
• Leather Scent
• Works on all fabrics
• Safe around children & pets
• Easy to carry around
• Great for furniture

All Natural Lens Cleaner

All Natural Lens Cleaner

• All Natural
• Works on any surface
• Works as a multi-use cleaner
• No Scent
• Very effective
• Safe