Do you struggle night driving? Does the combination of darkness and glare from street lights and on-coming traffic affect your ability to see well and feel safe on the road?

If you answered yes, then read on to find out how a yellow polarized car visor is one of the best driving aids on the market.


Driving At Night Glare


Night Driving: What are the problems?

Night Driving


Dark Conditions cause many problems for drivers all across the globe on a daily basis. This is the time where many accidents occur. Accidents occur because drivers are usually tired at this point and the lack of light reaching your eyes can make it easy to doze off. Also, when traveling on back roads & other poorly lit roads it can be very hard to see the road clearly.


Because of this lack of light you may fail to see something crossing the road such as an animal or even a pedestrian. There could be something laying in the road like a tree or maybe there is a pothole in the road. All of these can add up and really make driving difficult.


If any of you have been driving late at night, you may also see some shaky driving. People driving on no sleep or people driving under the influence of drugs & alcohol increases at night. This makes it even more important to see everything on the road. Whether your on a country dirt road or a congested city highway, you are at risk at night. You are at risk any time you get in a vehicle but especially at night.


When driving in a congested city there are lights coming at you in all directions. There are lights from cars behind you, cars in front of you & even lights coming from buildings & roadways. All of this can be overwhelming and is why many elders choose not to go out at night. When Driving on back country roads there is a real lack of light which presents the opposite problem by not being able to see as much on the road. So what should we do to stay safe while driving at night?

What Can Be Done?

Driving at night can be tough for many people. Quite a bit has been written about the different ways to improve your vision for night driving. Many advise taking precautions such as aiming your headlights properly and adjusting dashboard light settings so it doesn’t impact your ability to see the road clearly.


Another important tip for safe driving is to make sure your windows, mirrors and lights are kept very clean and in good condition. Driving in dark conditions is a danger, no matter what way you look at it so its best to make sure all of your tools are in the best condition.


Many websites go into detail about driving problems and share suggestions to improve vision. One of the most popular solutions is to apply an anti-reflective coating on your glasses. While this is a good choice, it only works for a small percentage of the population and unfortunately, many experience no improvement at all.


The anti-reflective coating for your glasses is available at eyeglass shops or from optometrists who will charge $50 or more to apply the coating. Once finished, the lenses will become more delicate as they’ll easily scratch or smudge which is a definite drawback.


Glare Guard’s Polarized Night Driving Visor

Night Driving VisorOur Yellow Car Visor reduces glare with a polarization process known to reduce and neutralize glare from reflected light sources instead of the anti-reflective coating. Plus, Glare Guard’s visor boosts contrast while minimizing light by a mere 10% which provides much better clarity on dark roads.


On the other hand, most driving glasses and visors block close to 30% of light while trying to provide contrast which can actually make it more difficult to see. Most are made of tinted plastic and while it looks brighter, this unfortunately reduces essential light needed to see at night. That’s why the Glare Guard Polarized Yellow Car Visor is an excellent solution for night driving issues and will improve your ability to see well on the road.


Choose your car visor from our full line of Glare Guard Polarized Visors to protect your eyes and see better while driving in the dark.

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