Sunrise & Sunset Glare Polarized Car Visor Extender

Use our Sunrise & Sunset Glare Car Visor Extender when driving directly into the sun or flip the back section up if extreme glare is not present.


• Absorbs and Eliminates up to 90% of harmful reflective glare & sharpens contrast

• Reduces harmful glare

• Reduces glare and improves contrast

• Eliminates most confusing, eye fatiguing, vision-degrading glare light

• Eliminates the need to squint on the road, keeping your eyes open and keeping you safe on the road

• Effective in all seasons (including the snow)

• Cross Polarization blocks out 99.9% of the light allowed through. Top section of visor will be almost completely black.

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The ONLY Driving accessory to tackle Sunrises & Sunsets!

Stay safe on the road

Glare Guard’s Polarized Sunrise & Sunset Visor is a custom, hand-crafted driving accessory that completely reduces the effects of driving directly into the sun. Many people commuting back and forth from work deal with extreme glare and can essentially blind you on the road.

Blinding sun glare is an increasing problem, especially as the number of drivers on the road is increasing. Some drivers will actually adjust their schedules to keep themselves out of the situation. Many news outlets are starting to report on this issue and many are looking for a proper solution. Why should something like Sunset Glare change the way that you live your life?


How does this visor work to block Sunrise & Sunset Glare?

Glare Guard’s key component is the polarized film that is in each product. This film is manufactured in house by our parent company, Wave Polarizer, LLC. Polarized film helps reduce glare from the sun by changing the way that the light waves reach your eyes.

An easy way to tell if lenses are polarized is to turn two polarized lenses in a 90 degree angle and you should see a complete block of light. With our sunrise and sunset glare visor we take this concept and use it to block out the glaring sun, while allowing you to see the road.

We designed this visor so that the smaller visor is at a different angle than the standard visor that is in front. By looking through both lenses their will be a complete block of light.

The smaller section can be flipped up and down depending on the situation you are in. If there is low sun glare that makes it impossible to see, you can flip it down and if is your typical sun glare, flip it up and use the standard visor.


Car Owners Wait No More!

Do you hate driving into the sun?

Do you change your schedule to avoid driving at certain times?

Are your sunglasses not enough to combat the harmful sun?


Well prepare yourself, because you are about to forget all of the above with this Sunrise & Sunset Car Visor Extender


Eliminate glare from the sun and start seeing clearly once again!

This visor will effectively remove any glare that there is on the road. Visors are constructed from high quality acrylic and polarizing film. This will enhance contrast on the road, while protecting your eyes. All of our visors will effectively block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. There is simply no other visor like this one.


Each visor comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth in order to ensure that each visor stays clean and clear for your safety. If the visor gets very smudged you can use any type of glass cleaner.


With Glare Guard’s Sunrise & Sunset Visor you could…


  • Block up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.
  • Reduce the effect of sun glare.
  • Facilitate road trips, commuting to work, traveling, or running errands.
  • Improve contrast and ensure clear views.
  • Eliminate distortions, eye tiredness, and vision degradation.
  • Stay safe and drive comfortably.
  • Drive with confidence at any time throughout the day


What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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