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Gray Polarized Car Visor Extender


Simply slide this car visor extender onto your built-in car visor and hook velcro straps around the back of the built-in visor. Once attached, adjust the Glare Guard to preferred position and start seeing the road glare free!

The polarized film inside the visor will reduce the harmful glare of the sun while blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB Rays. Glare Guard uses the same polarized technology that you see in top designer sunglass brands, only at a fraction of the price!

Men’s Polarized Sunglasses-Sport


Finally, a pair of high-quality polarized sport sunglasses that do not cost you a fortune! Glare Guard’s new sport sunglasses are a very attractive sports wayfarer style frame that is made with every bit of class you see in the top brands across the sunglass industry.

With our sunglasses you will experience a stylish look with strong polarized lenses to greatly reduce the harmful glare from reaching your eyes. With a 20% transmission rate, these are a bit darker than your standard glasses (most are around 30%). Many people love a darker look and that is what we, at Glare Guard, intend to provide.

Optical Lens Cleaner- Streak Free


Glare Guard’s Streak-Free lens cleaner is an anti-static liquid spray that will completely clean any glass or plastic surface. The lens cleaner has an anti-streak property allowing for EASY cleaning and an anti-static property to repel dust, so lenses will stay clean longer.

Winter Weather Windshield Cover

  • ★ APPEAL: Are you sick and tired of scraping, scratching, removing, defrosting all that snow and ice in the freezing frigid cold? Well, do we here at Glare Guard have the tested, proven and guaranteed to save you time and protect your vehicle from the elements. The absolute awesome perfect windshield cover. It is no hassle at all placing it on your car or SUV
  • ★ EFFECTIVE: Are you tired of making the 2 trips out in the morning to defrost your truck or van? Not anymore and start saving all that wasted gas. You can have a lot of fun with it. The morning after a snow or ice storm just go out and peel it off in front of all your neighbors as they scrap away while you fold and place in the handy storage bag we provide
  • ★ USEFULNESS: How does a frost-free window on your minivan sound to you for first thing outside on a cold morning? Saving all that scraping? After you get yours you will be singing let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. You will wonder why you didn’t know about this great product sooner. Southerners send them as gifts to their northerner family and friends all the time
  • ★ DESIGN: It just takes a minute or two to unfold and place on the window and hook the elastic straps around your mirrors then wrap the flaps inside the 2 front doors providing an anti-theft device on your cover. There are no magnets to scratch or damage your paint. There you are all tucked in waterproof, windproof and dustproof with all that time and aggravation saved
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after you use your windshield cover and you are not delighted with what it accomplishes along with absolutely loving it we will refund your money. Our world-class Glare Guard customer service wants you to be SATISFIED with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The cover and storage bag comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get yours and more for family and friends TODAY!

Yellow Night Vision Car Visor Extender


Our Night Vision Visor is easily installed. Simply slide the clips onto the built-in visor and attach the velcro straps and you are ready to go. Use this Night Vision Visor to help reduce glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights and other distracting lights at night.

This visor will dim down the harsh lights, while improving contrast on the road. It can be used at any time of the day but is most effective in darker conditions.