Sun Safety: Side Effects caused By the Sun

Sun Safety

Sun glare seems like it is just a pain to deal with but it can actually be very harmful to you in different ways. Sun safety is increasing in awareness and for good reason. One of the most obvious ways it can be harmful and what we are trying to eliminate is the danger on the road it causes. The Sun glare causes you to squint and use visors to block out the sun. But what this really does, is block out part of your vision which is never a good thing when operating a vehicle. Once you block out some of your field of vision you are increasing the odds of danger.


Sun Safety: Physical Damage Sun glare can cause

Being physically active and being out and about is very good for your body. Nobody will argue against that. But there are some things that people overlook when stepping out of their houses on a bright day. People often overlook Sun safety and the damage they could be doing to their body but not preparing for the rays of the sun. By doing so you are putting yourself at risk for many things such as growths on the eye(pterygium), cataracts and even eye cancer. This is why you need to take the proper precautions.




This is why eye doctors recommend using polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses change the way that the light waves travel into your eyes. They help to dramatically reduce the glare and to protect your eyes. Since, as a whole, we are constantly on the move we realized that many people forget their glasses, Sun Safety while drivingor simply cannot afford expensive polarized sunglasses, we invented the Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor. We use the same technology used in expensive sunglasses such as Ray-band and Maui Jim. We provide the same technology at an affordable cost with colors targeted at daytime driving and night time driving. Sun Safety has never been so easily attainable.


We recommend doing the following to stay safe on the road during harsh glare situations.

  •  Use some type of polarized protective lens (Sunglasses, Car Sun Visors, etc.)
  • Keep a safe distance from cars in front of you (further than you normally would)
  • If you are really having trouble find a safe spot to pull over until the sun is no longer a problem
  • Increase your visibility to other drivers by keeping your headlights turned on

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