Sun Visor Extender For Automobiles: How Glare Guard ranks

Why Glare Guard’s Visor Extender is Superior

Many products out there claim to reduce the glare that you see from oncoming traffic and other light Best Car Sun Visorssources throughout the day. These companies have great examples on how the products should work on their sites with photos showing you before and after but very few will be willing to show you actual video footage of their product in action. Glare-Guard believes that you have a right to see whether the product works before purchasing. That’s why we provide you with videos on our homepage of our products in action. Our Grey Sun Visor extender is used to eliminate harmful sun glare and the yellow is used to eliminate headlight glare at night. 

See our Visor extender in action.


Our Sun Visor Extender is made with Polarized Film

The reason why OUPolarized LensesR PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT is that we use Polarized film. Now for those of you who don’t understand why polarized film is a better product, we encourage you to check out this video on the difference between Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses or our visual page on how glare guard works.


NONE of our competitors use Polarized Film. This includes the commercials that you see for sun visors like HD Vision Visor and other products that are similar. When you look at their products, you will notice all of them are just a shaded color which does not effectively reduce glare. All it is doing is adjusting the shade. The grey tinted visors just make things a little darker and the yellow tinted visors make things a little brighter. These products do not help to PROTECT your eyes.


Our Polarized sun visor extender is proven to reduce glare drastically and help to protect your eyes while still keeping the road fully lit to ensure your driving safety.

Our Sun Visor Extender Eliminates harmful Sun glare throughout the day

Our Grey sun visor extender helps to eliminate up to 90% of harmful radiation that reaches your eyes. There are very few competitorsSun Visor Extender for our Grey visor because many believe that sunglasses are superior and consumers prefer them. Now, while sunglasses are great due to their mobility and technology this is also a flaw.


Sunglasses that have the same polarized technology our visors have are very expensive. To get a good pair of Polarized sunglasses you are looking at a price range of $80+. Then you have to make sure you keep the glasses in a safe place and need to remember them every time you head out on a sunny day. That is why we believe our sun visor extension can be a good pair with consumers and their sunglasses.


To compare us with our Direct Daytime Car sun visor competitors we look to the Sun Zapper Car Shield. The reoccurring problem you see with most of these products is the lack of polarization. It is not polarized and therefore just tinted, removing a lot of light from reaching your eyes.


This product just dims the lighting and also does not offer complete protection against UVA and UVB rays. Our visor is also more stable and comes with velcro straps to ensure that the visor stays attached to your overhead visor.


Some of the other products out there for glare elimination may look like our visors but are simply an avoidance of the problem and not a solution. One prime example of the is the “Extend a Visor.” This is a product that attaches to your built in car visor, similar to ours in that way but it not see through. It is a piece of plastic that you can pull out to just block out the spot of glare. While this is effective in taking the light out of your eyes, it can actually be more dangerous because that is just more of the road taken away from your field of vision. This could cause you to miss things on the road that you would normally be aware of. Our visor extender is actually a separate polarized car visor that easily attaches & essentially acts as a pair of high quality polarized sunglasses & removes the glare from your eyes and increases clarity. Sunglasses with this technology can range in price from $100 to well over $400, which is what makes our $35 price point such a good deal.


Shorter Drivers & Sun Visor Extenders

Many senior drivers not only struggle with eye problems but with their height decreasing, making the built-in visor useless when it comes to blocking any light. This makes a sun visor extender very important. With our Polarized visors it will allow you to see through the lens and also decrease the harmful light that reaches your eyes.


Many people search the web looking for a sun visor for short people but what they really should be looking for is not something that will block the light completely but something that will only block the harmful light and allow enough light through to keep you safe on the road.

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