Tinted Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Light SensitivityMillions of people across the globe suffer from Light Sensitivity. Many Websites out there claim that their glasses are the best and can provide the best protection for your eyes. Light sensitivity is a very broad term that can cover many different areas. Migraines are a problem for many people in the world.  Almost 5 million in the U.S. experience at least one migraine attack per month, while more than 11 million people blame migraines for causing moderate to severe disability. Sometimes these migraines can be a direct result from light sensitivity. This is more commonly referred to as photophobia. Some product, including the technology our products are based from, try to offer a bit of migraine relief. Tinted glasses for light sensitivity are a great option for many people suffering from such problems. 



Therespecs are a good option for many people who suffer from light sensitivity. They offer many different shades and have very light frames. This makes it easier by having less pressure on your already sensitive head. The glasses are wide enough to stop direct sunlight from reaching your eyes unprotected which is fantastic. These glasses to limit the amount of light reaching your eyes and many people find much relief from relying on Theraspecs. Many consumers have reported these glasses providing protection from fluorescent light & also claims to reduce the photophobia related migraines. They have much research backing their claims on their website and also have a 60 day money back guarantee which is a good feature.


The Problem with Theraspecs is when you actually need to perform a task such as driving a car or something involving full vision. This is where you would need a polarized lense in order to block out glare but let enough light in so that you are fully in the moment. As they mention throughout their website, they have a tinted shade on their glasses. They may have a great tint but by reducing the amount of light people can see, the more dangerous it is to use while operating a vehicle. Another issue is their price point. These glasses sell for as much as $179.00 and they are not polarized. You are much better off getting a pair of polarized glasses. If you do not need to operate a vehicle, then you may look into a darker shade of polarized glasses. This will ensure that the harmful rays are blocked and your eyes are protected in the long run.



This company has some very interesting products. They developed a technology that does block the harmful light and lets some other light in. We still need to do some more research on the technology that they have developed but on first glance it seems to be pretty intriguing. They offer different lenses for indoor, outdoor and a duel lens.


The downfall upon first glance is the amount of light it actually takes out. It seems to make things a lot darker, which in some cases is very beneficial but, again, if you are driving this is not ideal. Our other issue was the price of these glasses. Though not too expensive as far as custom glasses go, it is still more expensive than some polarized glasses and polarized car visors.


Tinted Glasses for Light Sensitivity: Other Options


While we could argue that certain lenses are better than others and that our technology is better than other technology, it comesTinted glasses for light sensitivity down to what will help you the most. If you start to experience any light sensitivity and it gets to a point where you need to act upon it, see your local eye doctor and discuss the various options you have. Only your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what method is best for your specific case. In some cases, tinted glasses such as Theraspecs would be the best option. Other times Axonoptics may be the best option.


If you look through the options we have mentioned and you still are having a hard time you may need to look into Irlen Lenses. Irlen Lenses or specifically with people that do not have an optical problem but a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. If you think this is an issue that you are suffering with then check out and see if you can get tested today.



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