Wrap Around Sunglasses

Wrap Around Sunglasses or Glare Guard?

Does your doctor recommend you get a pair of wrap around sunglasses to further protect your eyes from the harmful sun glare? Do you really want to carry around another pair of sunglasses? 


Many people with light sensitivity wear wrap around sunglasses to minimize excessive brightness. These glasses literally wrap around your face, covering the sides of the eyes as well. There are also wrap around sunglasses that actually fit over your regular glasses.


Either way, carrying an extra pair of glasses can be a nuisance and very inconvenient.While wrap around sunglasses are very helpful with protecting your eyes, there may be a better option for protecting your eyes while driving. See how Glare Guard compares to these sunglasses.




Glare Guard’s Polarized Car Visors Provide Another Solution

An excellent alternative to wrap around sunglasses is the Glare Guard Grey Polarized Car Visor. This affordable option mounts to your vehicle’s standard sun visor, so it’s always at your fingers tips whenever the sun causes a problem.

Our visor is made from high quality polarized film that when used in conjunction with sunglasses, takes eye protection to a new level. We have a range of visors to fit any car and we can even produce a custom visor made specifically to fit your vehicle.


The Advantage of Polarization

Unfortunately, many wrap around sunglasses do not have polarized lenses. But, our car Glare Guard Car Visors are treated with the special polarization process, known to reduce and neutralize glare from reflected sunlight. This advantage will help you see everything with much more greater clarity.


Polarized Lenses

For even more protection, we are working on a Sunrise/Sunset visor which blocks out much of the light coming through the windshield. We only recommend this option if you have a severe light sensitivity problem, since it can make things hard to see for people who don’t have this problem. The Sunrise/Sunset visor is also a perfect solution if you are a passenger who suffers from light sensitivity.


Many brands of wrap around glasses rely on yellow lenses to minimize glare, but they lack polarization with is the superior solution. Glare Guard includes polarization in the manufacturing process for all of our visors to help you avoid excessive glare and harmful UV rays, while keeping you safe behind the wheel.


Whether its wrap arounds for eliminating sun glare or for night driving, there are items that can help and some do more than others. We cannot stress enough how important polarization is when protecting your eyes from glare. The polarization will actually change the way the light waves reach your eyes so that there is less stress on your vision. This is why polarized sun glasses are so popular and why they tend to be more expensive than others. While some claim they are polarized in cheaper stores like Walmart, there is not much polarization going on. A way to tell how strong the polarization is, is to hold to “polarized” lenses at a 90 degree with each other. If you can see through both lenses at all then the polarization is not strong. If you see a complete block of light, they are made of good, quality material.


Choose the right sun visor from our line of Glare Guard Polarized Visors to protect your eyes, then say good bye to wrap around sunglasses for good.


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